12.05.2023 – 10.07.2023 (– 31.07.2023; by appointment)

A project of FOTO WIEN 2023

3D – Tour

It could be a constructive deconstruction of constructivism and a meaningful emptying of supposedly meaningful things. Nina Rike Springer (*1976, Klagenfurt) lets art-historical contexts and layers of meaning collide with pleasure and without compromise. On view are figures tense, in spaceless spaces, timelessly fallen out of time. Inherent in the works is a resolute commitment to herolessness and a joyful celebration of the purposeless. Some remind of the theatre of the absurd with its stagnations of speech, space and time, enriched with the laconic wit of the post-dramatic era. Existential doubt is replaced by a celebration of the possibilities of freedom hidden in doubt. Therefore, one may imagine the art figures with bathing caps as happy people.

“How do people behave when they are forced to adapt to external conditions?” 
As critical as the artist sees the commercialization of these human contexts, she advocates the possibility of a visual dialogue in her art to work through those conspicuities of life. She says, “I’m interested in the contradictory. How we try to make sense of the world.” That can become unintentionally comic; rather tragicomic.

– Dr. Claudia Emmert, Nina Rike Springer

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE pink, 2023, Fine Art Print, 140 x 140 cm
WHOLE LOTTA LOVE pink, 2023, Fine Art Print, 140 x 140 cm

Participating artists

Nina Rike Springer