The Salzburg Festival will take place for the 100th time this August. The Viennese Galerie Sturm & Schober will be there for the second time this year. Their pop-up gallery on Kapitelplatz is this season under the motto “Choice of V”. The managing directors Michael Sturm and Gabriele Schober present a special selection of their renowned gallery program by bringing five of their versatile artists with them to Salzburg. The Austrian artist Inge Dick, who has received numerous awards in the course of her career, even received the “Austrian Art Prize for Artistic Photography” this year. Also there are the young painter Matthias Lautner, whose work is nominated for the Anton Faistauer Prize for Painting 2020, as well as the British painter and self-taught Mary A. Waters, the German artist Frank Badur with works on concrete art and Color field painting, and sculptor and draftsman Jo Schöpfer. His works move on the border between sculpture and architecture. His bronze sculptures look like steel skeleton models for modern buildings – skyscrapers or apartment blocks that structure the enclosed space.